Aranka Anema




Aranka believes entrepreneurs are key to catalyzing massive positive change in the world.  In today's fast-paced technology revolution, Fortune 500 companies and governments must incubate new solutions to address changing market needs. Entrepreneurial mindsets and skillsets are essential to generating approaches that are both adaptable and flexible. Aranka works with senior leadership in corporates, government and non-profits to identify pathways of growth and innovation. As a strategist and advisor, Aranka takes clients through a proven roadmap to help them understand technology opportunities and risks inherent to the health industry, and build an entrepreneurial ecosystem that allows them to ideate, prototype and implement towards new goals.


Aranka is Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Global Health PX, a consulting firm that works with government, corporates and start-ups at the nexus of health and tech to grow their competitive positioning using exponential technologies and digital platforms. 


Aranka is Director of Exponential Innovation at KPMG LLP, where she is leading the design and launch of Canada’s first corporate technology incubator. KPMG’s Ignition Center works with clients to educate, ideate and create around innovative business models, digital tools and emerging technologies.


The Precision Medicine Group supports pharmaceutical and life-sciences clients' product pipeline, from development to commercialization, with customized lab sciences, analytics and marketing. As Executive Advisor, Aranka led business development and growth strategy in global healthcare and life sciences, testing and validating new market approaches in international regulatory environments.


Booz Allen is a management consulting and IT firm specialized in strategy, technology and engineering.  As part of the Executive Team Strategic Innovation Group, Aranka drove business development and strategy for its digital biosurveillance capability, Epidemico, building opportunities in pharmacovigilance, pandemic surveillance and supply chain tracking across U.S. Federal Agencies (FDA, DoD, CDC).

Aranka is Advisor to BCH's Innovation and Digital Health Accelerator, which sources and develops market-priority technologies positioned to advance pediatric health.  She lends expertise in business growth, global health regulatory frameworks and corporate innovation.